Why do some kids seem to feel a lot of pain in some areas and none in others? - Pain processing with Paul Noone.

January 14, 2017

Many children experience sensory processing problems including those like Jett who has Autism, or Elizabeth who has Reflux and difficulties feeding. The behaviours around sensory processing can be distressing for parent and child alike. 

Listen along as their mums Joanne Matthews and Michelle Ebbin ask all the tough questions about different parts of the brain that process pain. 

Danielle Gregory and Paul Noone work to translate neuroscience into clinical practice. Some of the topics we discuss -

* Pain processing circuitry in the brain - why do some kids process pain so differently to others, and what is the difference in pain processing in adults and children? We take a journey from the limbic system (emotions) to the parietal lobe (sensory registration) and back. 

* Head banging - hypotheses / possible suggestions. 

* What gentle, every day things can a family try or do when there are multiple theories around a distressing or distrubing symptom or behaviour? 

* Is sensory stimulation like a factory reset? Are there things you can try at home that are safe and gentle?

* We explore the pros and cons of translational research. 

Apologies! - We had a sick little Elizabeth home from school unexpectedly - you may hear her chiming in in the background with her opinion from time to time..